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Candied Kiwi Dice (Tea Mate)
Product name : Candied Kiwi Dice (Tea Mate)
Product No. : DF16019
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Candied Kiwi Dice-Dried Fruit-Dehydrated Kiwi Grain  (Fruit Tea Mate)


Ingredients: Kiwi, sugar, citric acid.   Total Sugar: 65-78 %      Sulphur dioxide: 100 ppm Max    Max. Moisture (%): 15% Max
Drying process: 
hot air dehydration         Preservation processsyrup

Tasting Notes:
Sweet, characteristic of kiwi with no off-flavors

Nutrition: Vitamin C, Anthocyanins, Soluble dietary fibre, Vegetable albumin etc.

Function: Preventing hardening of the arteries, Stomach detoxification, Whitening skin, Losing weight,  Prevention of anemia etc.


Min. Order: 5 metric tons

Supply Ability: 5000 metric Tons per Year   

Origin:  China

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Cash etc.

Packing :  1kg-10 kgs plastic bag, tin, bag, wooden case, carton, or customized design.


Delivery Time: 10-30days

Port: China port

Shipping: By Sea, Air, EMS, DHL, FEDEX etc.

Sample Cost: Free


Shelf life: 12 months under following storage conditions

Storage conditions: Store in cool dry ( <25 °C), ordor-free area , out of sunlight.

Hot Sale Market:  North/ South America, Europe, Middle-east, West/ North Africa, etc.

Certificate if needed: Form A, Form E, C/O, ISO, QS, HACCP, PEOP, FDA, KOSHER, IMO, CE/EU etc.

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